About Us

The brand has been hustlin since 2014, founded by a kid from mojokerto who want to just spending his holiday time after graduate from high school as a reseller and dropshipper, but ended up turn this business as a serious clothing business. We are well – skilled, small – scaled production, and well known passionate about design in this industry.


Based on Bandung, Nicks.co is a brand that focused on making good jacket and outerwear yet we are still working on another product like tee and bag but there is doesn’t rule out of possibility that we could make another stuff due to serve any kind of different market segment, we are working so hard to serve good quality goods for everyone with affordable price, we also give an opportunity for retailers to have working together with us to put our goods with good price from us, we have 5 retailer stores that worked with us, from Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Samarinda, and we are already shipped our goods to all over Indonesia through online purchase order.


We are happy and proud to be an independent, small & happy company, and always approaching our work with passion and hard work.